New logo, new website!


You haven't heard much from us for quite some time now.
One part of the reason is that we simply didn't have a good place where we could share what we're working on. It didn't feel right to post non-Parkitect things to the old Parkitect Tumblr devlog.
So, to fix that we now have as a hub to Parkitect and any future projects.
The old Parkitect website was in desperate need of a refresh anyways, so we took care of overhauling that at the same time.
If you've been with us for some time, you'll remember the Parkitect devlog as well. We've copied it all over from our old blog so you can still read the old entries and take a look behind the scenes.

Another reason is that there simply wasn't too much to share, but that's slowly changing now as well.
After completing the two Parkitect DLCs and the Multiplayer update we started working on a couple of prototypes for different games, until eventually arriving at one idea that worked and that we liked. We've been working on that one for about two years now and there's still a long way ahead of us to get it finished, but it's making good progress and we're super excited to show you what it is sometime next year.
I really enjoyed doing the devlogs for Parkitect and think the feedback all of you gave us throughout development contributed tremendously towards making it a better game. I would love to do the same for our new game once it has been properly revealed what it is, even if we didn't document its development from the very beginning like we did with Parkitect.

Since we don't really have any other good place for discussions currently this new site has a comments system for the blog. It's sort-of experimental. Hopefully the login requirement will keep it friendly and the spam away. We'll see! We are keeping an close eye on them in any case, so anything posted there is guaranteed to be seen by us.

Figuring out what our next project should be after Parkitect was surprisingly difficult!
Over the next few months I want to write some posts that'll give a look at the prototypes we made, and what did or didn't work in them.

New Texel Raptor logo

Finally, it was time to give our logo an update! It looks like this now:

It was designed by Colby Nichols (can't recommend him enough, he's awesome!)

We had a bit of fun with creating an animated version of it as a new loading screen for Parkitect. It'll be in the next patch update.