Parkitect development in numbers

I always find statistics posts about projects interesting…
We’ve been working on this for almost 7 years now, so here’s a bunch of numbers about Parkitect!


Engine: Unity
Programming language: C#

Asset folder (the actual “content” of the game):
3.93 GB
Files: 35,944
Folders: 1,322

Total project folder (this includes Unity cache files etc):
Size: 21.6 GB
Files: 364,258
Folders: 2,837

Build duration (all supported platforms together): ~20 minutes (incremental build; a clean build would take 1-2 hours)


Type: Git
Size: 3.5 GB
Branches: 90
Commits: 13,778 (a “commit” is a change to the game, like for example the addition of a new feature or a bug fix. It can be anything from a single number being changed in the code to the addition of hundreds of new sound files in one go)

Here’s a visualization of all the file changes made during development.
Every dot represents a file in the project. A file getting zapped represents a change to that file. Every branch represents a folder in the project (with the folder name being shown as text).
The legend on the left side explains what the colors mean, and how many files of a certain type there are in the project.
The most important file types are:

cs: C# source code file
prefab/asset: Unity data files
fbx: 3D model
wav/ogg: Audio files

We moved the repository in 2017 which messes up the visualization a bit.

File changes by release:
Multiplayer: 7,230
Taste of Adventure: 6,404
Booms & Blooms: 5,117


This only includes our own code, not engine or other third-party code

Size: 7.44 MB
Files: 2,112
Folders: 138
Lines: 241,156

Biggest files (Top 5):
Park.cs (3,737 Lines, contains a bunch of data + methods related to stuff belonging to the park)
2.: MultiplayerController.cs (2,946 Lines, base class for multiplayer related code)
3.: TrackBuilder.cs (2,461 Lines, handles most of the track building UI)
4.: TrackSegment.cs (2,335 Lines, contains methods for positioning trains and connecting multiple segments to a full track)
5.: Attraction.cs (2,192 Lines, base class for handling user interactions when building things in the game)

Lines of code by topic (Top 4):
1.: Attractions (40,828 Lines)
2.: UI (35,915 Lines)
3.: People AI (13,607 Lines)
4.: Multiplayer (11,123 Lines)


3D models:
Size: 221.49 MB
Files: 2,276

Size: 227.07 MB
Files: 961


Sound files:
Size: 2.52 GB
Files: 4,789


Updates released on Steam: 533 (in addition to the regular monthly updates we like to patch immediately if there’s anything that might be inconvenient for players. There’s also many non-public updates though for testers)