Announcing Parkitect Multiplayer!

Hey everyone, it’s the 2nd anniversary of Parkitect’s 1.0 release this week and we’ve prepared something for you to celebrate:

On December 8 we’ll release a new free update that adds a cooperative online multiplayer mode!

Up to 8 people can play together, building the same park. You can see what other people are doing - it’s a bit like everyone is playing together on the same PC.

Creating a new game or joining one is done through a lobby. You can also directly invite your Steam friends to join. It’s pretty easy!

Have a good one!

Parkitect: Booms & Blooms released!

The big free update to Version 1.6 and our second paid DLC called Booms & Blooms are available now.

Here’s a summary of all the changes:

Booms & Blooms DLC (paid)

  • added Effects Controller for creating your own fireworks shows, fountain shows, triggering effects from rides, … (+ modding support for triggering animations!)
  • added Tilt Coaster
  • added Pivot Coaster
  • added Steeplechase
  • added Rowboats
  • added Heart Breaker
  • added Star Flyer
  • added switch segment for Mine Train Coaster, Junior Coaster
  • added custom image flags
  • added fireworks
  • added speakers for playing music across the park/custom sound effects
  • added new trees and shrubs

Version 1.6 (free)

  • added option for automatic day/night cycle
  • added mowed grass terrain type
  • added deco objects: frames, additional basic shapes, truck, small light that can be stuck to surfaces
  • added alternate font styles for 3D text signs
  • added German guest names
  • added stat boost display to stats tab in employee info window
  • added option for changing rotation direction to many flat rides
  • added leaf movement animation to trees
  • added depth visualization to blueprint builder
  • added Italian translation (thanks to Antonio!)
  • improved performance in heavily decorated parks by up to 50%
  • improved performance of ride lights to cost ~90% less than before
  • improved performance when placing blueprints
  • improved audio implementation, resolving issues with sounds not playing/being too loud after loading savegame
  • improved fire/water/smoke effects by allowing them to be stuck to any surface
  • improved number input fields to use proper decimal separator depending on system language
  • improved long grass deco object and other older plants to have custom colors
  • increased zoom range
  • updated most trees to be resizable
  • updated object highlighting to use an outline
  • fixed visual artifacts around objects in front of water
  • fixed game window getting resized when opening graphics settings menu after manually resizing the window
  • fixed a case where the height of the Skyfall ride could not be changed
  • fixed a very rare case where the UI could become unresponsive

Announcing the Parkitect: Booms & Blooms update!

Hey everyone, we’re excited to tell you about the Parkitect: Booms & Blooms Pack today!

It will launch next week, on September 2nd.

This update consists of two parts: the paid Booms & Blooms Pack ($7.99/€6.59), adding explosive new content; and a free patch that adds a whole bunch of improvements and new features to the base game.
Here’s a trailer to show you some of the highlights:

So, what exactly is included?

Paid content

In the Booms & Blooms pack you’ll find:

With the new Effect Controller you can create your own firework shows or synchronize effects with your rides! There’s also new speakers that allow you to play your own music, or you can use the Effect Controller to trigger your own sound effects.

Two new thrill rides, one new water ride, and three new coasters! And with the new switch segments your Mine Train Coasters and Junior Coasters can ride backwards!

There’s a new set of trees, and new flags that you can put your own images on!

Free update

Some of the highlights of the free portion of this update include:

  • adjustable direction for spinning rides
  • new basic shape variations, updated old plants to be recolorable, updated many old trees to be resizable 
  • we have completely reworked how the game gets rendered, making use of some more modern GPU features to improve performance. How much of a difference you see depends on your system and the park you’re playing (the more heavily decorated your park is the bigger the difference you’ll see).
    Camera mods should benefit from these improvements as well.
    As a result of these improvements we also allow you to zoom out further now.
  • similar changes have been made for the light animations of flat rides, moving more work to the GPU. Again, how much of an improvement you’ll see depends on your park - the results you see below is for one of the most extreme cases possible

Version 1.5d Update

We’ve released a few updates since the big Taste of Adventure update - here’s a summary of the changes:

Version 1.5d

  • added a tooltip that displays the ride stats whenever a test run is completed while building a track
  • fixed balloons being invisible after loading a savegame
  • fixed issues with disappearing text on Mac/Linux
  • fixed guests not entering rides without queues
  • fixed not being able to lower/raise licorice/chocolate fences
  • fixed error when changing prices in zone window attraction list fixed balloons getting sometimes stuck when bulldozing balloon shop fixed being able to build Spinning Coaster elevator sections through other rides
  • fixed guests having trouble getting to the park entrance in the Jungle Adventure scenario
  • fixed bad performance when changing terrain type under water
  • fixed nothing left to research when converting campaign savegame to sandbox mode
  • fixed a case where it was possible to remove objects in pause mode when it is not allowed
  • fixed a case where coasters could temporarily have an extreme intensity rating for no apparent reason fixed ride entrance/exit tiles missing tunnel frames when burried below terrain
  • changed ride stats to not count station wait times anymore

Version 1.5c

  • added Spanish translation
  • added option for inverting vertical camera axis
  • updated all translations
  • fixed not being able to build river rapids blueprints if the ride has any bumpers
  • fixed no tracked ride blueprints goal sometimes not getting completed
  • fixed not being able to select 3D text for blueprints/with the bulldozer tool
  • fixed wrong train spawn orientation when spawning on a turntable
  • fixed an error in some custom train mods that made it impossible to select objects
  • fixed doors not working when placed on an attraction exit
  • fixed tall diagonal helixes could go off-grid
  • fixed guests being able to see through flat ride platforms

Version 1.5b

  • changed “no pause” optional goals to “no building while paused”
  • fixed a case where queue lines could be misconnected when built in a certain order
  • fixed queue signs on queue tiles that use only one custom color having wrong custom colors
  • fixed graphical glitch when building an elevator
  • fixed “My Images” folder having to be created manually
  • fixed a case where blueprint preview images would be tiny
  • fixed not being able to put some Candy/Adventure theme objects into blueprints
  • fixed category list in deco builder window cutting off long category names in wrong places
  • fixed ghost train previews not running during thunderstorms
  • fixed not being able to build depots/trash chutes in scenarios where building underground is disabled
  • fixed being able to build through downward elevator segments
  • fixed weirdness when trying to place a flat ride on a lake/lava near terrain edge
  • fixed a case where doors would visually clip through walls when they shouldn’t
  • balance adjustments for “Taste of Adventure” campaign
  • added command line argument -savedatafolder=Your/Path to allow using any savegame folder location you want (e.g. for installing and running the game from a USB drive)

Version 1.5a

  • fixed coaster physics behaving differently than before the Version 1.5 update
  • fixed attraction/shop marketing campaigns being much cheaper than they used to
  • fixed vertical custom image signs displaying the images upside down on one side
  • fixed a case where resetting campaign progress could lead to a black screen instead of reloading the campaign map
  • fixed loud fire noises on the Yucatan Ridge scenario from the Taste of Adventure campaign
  • fixed medieval door appearing in the wrong deco category
  • improved color randomizer button to generate more varied colors