Taste of Adventure expansion out now!

Here’s the full changelog:

Taste of Adventure expansion (paid)

  • added new campaign with 10 scenarios
  • added Candyland theme
  • added Adventure theme
  • added River Rapids
  • added Inverting Wooden Coaster
  • added Inverting Spinning Coaster
  • added Vertical Spinning Coaster
  • added Swinging Coaster
  • added Safari Ride
  • added Experience
  • added Clockwork
  • added Shirts stall
  • added Sub Sandwiches stall
  • added Corn Dogs stall
  • added Cookies stall
  • added animated door and gate deco pieces
  • added Lava
  • added turntable segments for Water Coaster, Boat Dark Ride
  • added elevator segments for Wild Mouse, Spinning Coaster
  • added 3D text signs

Version 1.5 (free)

  • added customizable water color
  • added custom image signs (+ modding support)
  • added ride photo sections
  • added spin lock option to Spinning Coaster
  • added free park entry/free food/free ride voucher marketing campaigns
  • added option for continuing to play with all research available after completing all scenario goals
  • added construction costs/remaining value display to shops/rides info tabs
  • added color palette randomizer button
  • added scenario editor tool for marking deco objects as source of bad scenery rating
  • added scenario editor setting for disallowing building underground
  • added “win without pausing” scenario goal
  • added “win without using ride blueprints” scenario goal
  • added “own at least x tiles of land” scenario goal
  • added option for resetting campaign progress
  • added modding support for custom coaster trains
  • allowed using regular path styles as queues
  • allowed overlapping staff zones
  • improved track builder: when deleting a track segment the track builder UI preselects the settings of the removed segment
  • improved Steam Workshop support: savegames, scenarios and blueprints can be updated now
  • improved tracked ride animations to be much more smooth
  • updated Content Manager window to load faster; added search and filters for own/subscribed content
  • updated fountains to be resizable
  • updated underwater tunnels to be buildable anywhere
  • updated guest visualizers to highlight objects with positive or negative influence
  • updated sandbox mode to award all goal rewards from the start when playing without goals
  • updated night mode to be remembered in savegames
  • updated ghost mansion ride to allow more trains
  • updated blueprint builder window to display approximate cost when building without deco
  • fixed some rides (like Go-Karts or Calm River Ride) counting as “coaster” in some statistics/goal completion checks
  • fixed a case where a vandalism wave event notification could get stuck after loading a savegame

Announcing the Parkitect: Taste of Adventure update!

We’re super excited to show you the Parkitect: Taste Of Adventure today!

It will launch next week, on November 20th.

This is a huge game update that consists of two parts: the paid Taste of Adventure expansion, adding a ton of tasty new content; and a free patch that adds a whole bunch of improvements and new features to the base game.
Here’s a trailer to show you some of the highlights:

So, what exactly is included? 

There’s a whole new campaign map for you to prove your theme park building skills in 10 challenging scenarios. Can you also beat them without pausing the game or using blueprints?


Exciting new objects for the most intrepid adventurer!


Welcome to the land of cotton candy and gingerbread!

River Rapids

A staple in many theme parks, but certainly the trickiest ride for us to implement!
Features customizable channel width, freely placeable bumpers, rapids and waterfalls

Safari Ride

A calm scenic ride that can be made more exciting with freely placeable bumps on the track.

Vertical Spinning Coaster

A coaster than can only be built vertically with freely spinning rows of seats.

Swinging Coaster

A Wild Mouse-type of coaster with unique cars that can swing sideways

Inverting Spinning Coaster

A spinning coaster capable of launches and inversions

Inverting Wooden Coaster

A hybrid coaster combining wooden and steel sections


A thrill ride that spins and inverts guests


A flat ride that looks exciting in motion but is fairly tame

Cookies, Shirts, Sub Sandwiches and Corndogs!

  • Animated doors and gates
  • Lava
  • turntables for the Water Coaster
  • elevators for the Wild Mouse, Spinning Coaster and Swinging Coaster
  • customizable 3D text signs

Free update

Some of the highlights of the free portion of this update include:

  • customizable water colors
  • custom image signs (with modding support!). Your custom images are stored in the savegame/blueprint, so other players can see them too when downloading your shared content from the workshop! Note that custom images take up a lot of the limited storage space in blueprints though
  • ride photo sections for all tracked rides
  • modding support for creating custom coaster trains!
  • improved staff zoning that allows overlapping zones
  • all path styles can be used as queues now
  • improved track builder that preselects the settings of removed track segments, making track editing faster

Version 1.4

Half a year ago Parkitect 1.0 has been released, which seems like a milestone worthy of a small update!

Todays free update adds the following:

Knight costume for Entertainer
A fitting costume for the medieval deco theme

Photo Spots
Encourage your guests with these new path objects to marvel at your scenery and take a photo of especially beautiful places

Boat Dark Ride
A pretty high-capacity gentle water ride where guests ride in boats through nicely themed scenery. The boats have no restraints so this ride is only capable of very small drops.

Flat ride modding support
Thanks to contributions by Michael P the Parkitect Asset Editor allows modders to create completely custom flat rides now, such as this Barrel Dance ride by p.marcell

In other news, due to Garret being located in Canada and me in Germany we’re forced to work remotely which is working fine, but I had grown a bit tired of working from home every day for the past five years of Parkitect development. So over the last few months I’ve been busy with setting up a proper small office and we’ve hired a second full-time programmer.
Thanks to your support Parkitect has done really well and is continuing to do so, which allowed us to do this. We’re all set up now to continue supporting Parkitect and new projects eventually and can’t wait to pick up work at the new place in about three weeks :)

Version 1.3

Version 1.3 is available now! It mostly fixes some annoyances, for example the default window spawn positions have been improved to not be in the center of the screen anymore (i.e., the place you want to work on and most likely don’t want to have obstructed by windows…)

Since the game remembers where you dragged the windows to you will only really notice this on a fresh install. It has been annoying many new players though, so it’s good to have that improved.

We also overhauled the Build Challenge voting UI. The old UI always gave an advantage to entries that were submitted early. It showed the highest-rated entries first, so if you submitted a good entry very early it was likely to get to the top of the list and as a result receive even more votes and stay at the top, whereas entries that were submitted after a few days oftentimes got buried and received very few votes. This has gotten more extreme after the 1.0 launch since there are more players now.
The new voting UI looks like this:

  • it only highlights one entry at a time, giving you a better view of the build
  • voting or waiting for a few seconds switches to the next entry
  • the order of entries is somewhat randomized but entries with fewer votes have a higher chance of being shown first, so overall everyones submissions should receive roughly the same amount of visibility, even if you submit quite late
  • the actual ranking at any point can still be seen on the Workshop

It’s entirely possible that this will need some further tweaks of course, but let’s see how it goes :)


- added new Build Challenge voting system
- added a highlight to the transport system connectors of the Deliveries Building/Depot/Trash Chute when in transport system build mode
- added lower camera sensitivity options
- some campaign balance adjustments
- updated Korean translation
- improved which shop gets researched if scenario starts without a food/drink shop
- improved default window spawn locations to obstruct the view less (for newly installed game)
- improved Korean font support
- fixed guests sometimes ignoring certain food/drink shops when hungry/thirsty
- fixed being able to delete things in the tutorial when you’re not supposed to
- fixed clicking notification for drowned guests moving the camera way off-screen
- fixed rides that were pretty much fully covered still stopping during thunderstorms
- fixed some sounds not playing while game is paused
- fixed a case where background music could play twice
- fixed being able to delete prebuilt scenery on land with support rights (e.g. road in Highway Hijinks scenario)
- fixed market research ride intensity preferences graph being quite inaccurate
- fixed being unable to delete/select particle effects after reloading a park
- fixed rides with a queue length of 1 tile being unpopular
- fixed “hold to win” countdown resetting when reloading savegame
- fixed mods not being loaded when creating a new scenario
- fixed bad starting loans in default sandbox scenarios